Successful thanks to tradition. A motto which has held true since 1933 when this fruit growers’ co-operative was founded by 30 farmers. At that time their annual harvest was a mere 14 carts of fruit. A quantity which underwent a rapid increase. By the very next year, they had to rent storage space for 20 carts.

In 1953 the co-operative was rebaptised with the name it has today. The reason for this: Over 50% of the harvest is made up of the "Alexander" pear variety. Subsequent years also saw a rapid rise in production. In the 1970s it had already reached 850 carts annually.

In 1993 there came perhaps the most important change when the co-operative fused with the SOLFRUCHT Fruit Growers’ Co-operative. As a result, production quantities increased to 1350 carts per year. In the next few years the co-operative invested in new equipment and warehouses, a strategy which proved its worth with the record harvest of 2230 carts in 1997.

Up to 2005 the co-operative continued to expand its warehousing capacity. It added new offices and rooms for social gatherings, along with new loading ramps and a cold storage cell. The number of packaging lines was increased from 6 to 9 so that higher quantities could be processed even faster than before.

Today 147 members produce almost 31,000 tonnes of fruit every year, from around 478 hectares of land.

I-39055 Laives
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