In order to rise to the challenges set by the market, the VOG strategy 2010 implies the development of a sales system which is based on the arrangement of the 16 fruit growers’ cooperatives into four “pools” (Pool MeranPool Bozen West, Pool Bozen Süd, Pool Unterland). Organic products are marketed by the cooperation "Bio Südtirol“.

Since August1, 2010 VOG coordinates the entire sales activity including invoice processing. With the aim of providing aboveboard and efficient services, reduce costs and unify quality standards. All this in terms of highest brand quality and best possible customer satisfaction. The managing directors of the single member co-operatives are actively involved in sales and assume responsibility for certain markets and clients.

VOG – Association of South Tyrolean Fruit Growers’ Co-operatives

The 4 pools
The 4 pools all work according to the same rules for production, selection and classification. 

The Co-operatives
The responsibility of the individual cooperatives is correct and efficient management in the different phases of production and processing of products, such as storage, grading and packaging. In addition, they will continue to be the direct point of contact with the growers. 

Tangible advantages for our customers through intelligent reorganisation:

  • improved service efficiency by means of a clear and simplified structure;
  • uniformity of qualitative standards;
  • continuity in supply and availability of the product (quality, calibre, colour) throughout the season;
  • focus on customer requirements;
  • centralised invoicing by the VOG Consortium.

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